Tuesday, May 19, 2009

It's been a while!

Dear Wall-E,

I know it's been a while since I've written to you. Please don't be mad at me. It's just that I learned how to ride my bike without training wheels, and I need to practice. I get to ride almost every day if it's nice out. It's really cool. I'll get to show you soon when we come to see you. I can ride off the curb, and down the big hill outside. I can go super fast. I can also pull up my front wheel while I'm riding. It doesn't go up very high yet, but I feel like it will soon. It was really hot today and I wanted to go swimming. The pool was closed though. They said hopefully it will be open tomorrow. Something was wrong with the chemicals, that's what they told us. I hope they fix it soon. I really want to swim. I got to ride a horse the other day. I was a little scared at first, but once I sat up there, it was so cool. Jill made Gage ride it. He fell before he even got on it. It was funny, but he didn't laugh. I think he was pretty mad. He didn't want to ride it or something. I'm not sure why, because it was really fun. Well I have to go to bed now. I miss you and Gramma and Papa. I will see you soon though.
Love your boy

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  1. Gramma told me that you can ride your bike with only two wheels....I am truly impressed. I am still working on that leg lift thing to pee like Oscar. Mostly I still just squat cause it is easier and Gramma says to hurry when she has to get up with me. I can't wait to see you!!