Thursday, April 9, 2009


Thanks for the pictures Gramma. Wall-E looks big. I liked the one where he weared a sweater. That was cute. What are you doing this weekend? After tomorrow it will be a stay at home day. I like stay at home days. My Mom read me the letter from Gremlin, and I laughed. He talks funny. I love you Wall-E, and Gramma, and Papa. I went to the cabin with Jodi and got to stay with her Mom and Dad and Kaitlyn and Auntie Shelly. It was so much fun. I really like it there. I wanted to come back to see my Mom though. I missed her. I got my hair cut while I was there. It's not long anymore and I can see more better because my hair is not in my eyes. I like it, it's easier to wash. I can wash my hair all by myself now. And I don't even cry about it anymore. I'm a big kid now and I am very strong because I eat all my food. Well I am going to go take a bath now and get ready for bed.

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