Sunday, March 29, 2009

What's up Wall-E!

Dear Wall-E,
I typed my name, do you see it? I did it all by myself. 4 I love you. 5 I just want you to know, when you be a bad boy, I don't spank you. 3 When you be good, I gonna play with you, and you be really, really good. And I have a DS. b17 I like to have you in my room, and you can sleep more better. 8 Wall-E, you're cute. 9 Oh! Wall-E you're a nice boy and you can't eat adult and kid food. 0 You can't be a bad boy, and Kaitlyn likes you. 5 You're a good boy. 45 7 When I cry, you still like me, and you like my Mom. 8976543 Dear love you. 977221420 Gavin loves you. Be good for Gramma. 5856769945251310
Love, your boy,

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