Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I saw you!!!

Hi Wall-E,

I saw your picture. I waved at you, did you see me? I was really excited to see your picture. You'll have to get more on here soon. I added a picture of me on here. I really like this blog thing. Gramma Kathy is really smart. My Mom reads me your blogs and I really like to hear about what you are doing. We went over to Jill's house today. You remember her, right? She has the really big dog, Crash. You stayed with her when my Mom went out of town. Anyway, I got to see Gage and Layla and play Mario Kart on the Wii. It was so cool. I really want that game. You can drive backwards. Jill said that I can go over there next week and sleep over because Gage and Layla are on Spring Break. That's when school is closed for a week. Well I am really sleepy now so I am going to bed. I liked your picture and I will tell Minnie and Molly and Gramma and Grandpa you miss them.
I love you, your boy,

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